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Shop Racking & Gondolas

What we offer

Shop racking is an essential part of any shop interior. You can spend months planning the look of your shop. But, without the right shop racking your products and space are not going to work to their best advantage.

Plan it

Our 2D and 3D drawings can help you plan your shop floor space. Maximise your shelving capacity and flow round the space. We can help you make your products easier to find by positioning racking and shelving in the right place. Shoppers have different needs, and your shop racking layout needs to reflect that. The “just nipping in” shopper needs to find things at speed with the least of fuss. You can encourage “impulse buyers” with products displayed in the right place.

Whether you need a specialist component or a Merchandise bay. Or would like a specific area of a store to stand out from the rest, our design team is on hand to assist you. We can help you achieve the effect you are looking for. SEN Interiors offer a large range of racking systems and gondolas. Designed to complement your space and product. Combine that with our bespoke joinery  services, we can create the best display space.

Customise it

Most of the systems we use come in several colour choices. Plenty of size options and straight or angled shelves. All selected depending on your products requirements.

We can also create custom merchandise bays for high end products that need more security. Back lit display racks for cosmetics or jewellery. Or custom design bays to fit in with your farm shop feel or pharmacy interior .

Want some inspiration? Why not have a look at some of our portfolio projects. See pharmacy fit outs and gift shop interiors. Our retail projects all show the broad range of layouts and products we can offer. We can manufacture, supply and install all these for you to create your perfect shop floor.