shop fitters installing retail shelving units
shop fitters farm store project
toppings treats display units
convienience store shelving

Retail Shop Fitters

As shop fitters we work on all manner of projects. We have worked in all kinds of retail premises from large farm store outlets to sweet shops. Pharmacies with specialist racking to busy convenience stores needing plenty of display space. Each project creates its own set of challenges. Farm stores need to be interesting, decorative and create a lifestyle ‘feel’. Toy shops and sweet shops need to be bright, fun and engaging. Convenience stores need a large shelving to floorspace conversion. Usually including multiple refrigerated cabinets and units.

Lighting, display area, security of products, customer journey. These things all need to be considered to set out the perfect retail area. We use 2D and 3D visualisations to create walk throughs of your shop before its built. Allowing you to see how the space is used best. Letting you make changes to make maximum impact. Giving you chance to test and retest before you commit it to real materials.