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Mobile Phone Kiosk Design
Mobile phone kiosk
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Mobile phone retail kiosk design

Mobile Phone Kiosk Design and Manufacturing

The nature of mobile phone retail kiosks makes them an interesting project. They need to be small, perfectly formed and exciting to look at. With such a small retail space it means that every shelf and display unit is a premium. Storage is limited, security needs to be high.

Plenty of glass display space for higher-value items is essential. Easy-to-view shelving for other products is a must. We look at the ease of packing and locking away products when the kiosk is not in use. Whether it’s lock-away shelves or a simple pullover cover.

The right lighting is important for these mini shops. Because Kiosks are often in darker areas, you need your products well-lit and look great. In most cases, kiosks are central to an aisle in a shopping centre or mall forecourt. We look at electrics and the safest way to get power to your kiosk. Whether it’s spotlights or LEDs they need to be cool to run for long periods of time. Therefore making them as cheap as possible.