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market stall design
Pickles of Preston
market stall design

Market Stall Design

What we do

Market Stall Design, as projects go, is one of the most interesting. If you want an amazing small space, a market stall is right up there. A full retail shop in miniature. It has to function like a retail unit, store things and display things. Be secure and comfortable for the retailer. But it has to be hardy to withstand any weather that blows through. Practical for the products its selling and easy to open up and close down at the end of the day.

We use our industry knowledge to create innovative, functional retail spaces. From years of fitting out retail units, pharmacies and farm shops. With clever use of space and shelving, we can create a light bright unit. Giving more space to your products, yet still practical to get around behind the counter.

We plan around your product, the size and shape, and how easy it is to view for the customer. The storage requirements for daily use and the counter area. Does it need prep area for cutting meat or fish? Does it need kitchen equipment for cooking? Washing facilities for clean up or dry secure displays.