hotel stairwell
hotel fit out and hotel check in desks
hotel cafe area
hotel bar area

Hotel fit-out

Design and installation for hotels

A hotel fit-out brings together all our skills and services. Countertops for reception areas, bar and lounge areas, restaurants, and commercial catering equipment. A hotel is never a single element for us to design and install. Like all the other spaces we create, a hotel requires a lot of planning. How are you going to use the spaces? Which are the high-traffic areas? What are the customers like and what are their requirements? And of course, we need to address health & safety, accessibility and access in all areas.

The styling needs to work through many spaces with completely different uses. It’s worth bearing in mind that a design that works well in a bar area, might not be as effective in the spa or pool areas. 

We will create 2d and 3d layouts for the design of all the areas. You can ‘walk through’ the spaces and see the whole plan before we start any work. We work with you to meet budgets, timescales and plans. Working around customers and staff on the premises. Making sure there is as little downtime as possible.