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Hair & Beauty fit out and refurbishment

Salon fit out solutions

Whether its hair, beauty or nails we can help you create the perfect salon layout. Our salon fit out services include 2D and 3D visuals so you can see your salon before we lift a hammer. We can help you plan your space to make the best use of what you have.

Salons are often tight spaces that need a lot of bulky elements fitting in them. You need to consider backwash sinks, reception counters and treatment bars. But then you have all your moveable elements. Like display units and ever moving chairs. And then there is the ability to get a trolley through the room without getting stuck.

Planning your space out beforehand will make using the space much easier. Considering plug sockets to avoid trailing wires. And of course, making sure there are enough of them for heaters, dryers, straighteners’ and more.