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Garden Centres & Farmshops

Looking for garden centre display solutions?

Garden centre display solutions are a speciality of ours. We have worked with a large number of garden centre and farm shops. Creating original, practical displays and storage units. From bespoke design wooden units for a rustic look. To wire shelves and a galvanised finish for external plant racking. We have a solution for you.

First step is to work through a plan with you. What products you need to display, how you want to display the and where they will be. We can then create 2D and 3D visuals. Virtual walk throughs of the space so you can see it before we lift a hammer. We use modern materials with innovative shelving systems. Creating a productive retail environment and enjoyable shopping experience for your clients.

Our bespoke joinery service means we can produce individual pieces. Created to fit a certain space or a theme. We can create pieces that work all the way through your shop floor. If you are looking for different themes for different spaces then we can do that too.