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Glass Partition Walls

What we offer

We are able to offer glass partition walls to both home and business. With many styles and finishes we have an option to suit everyone. Create light, bright private rooms. Offering plenty of natural light and sound dampening.

Single glazed partitioning is one of the most selected options. A striking, yet low cost solution for dividing space in the home or in the office. The single glazed units offer a super slim minimalist look. A frameless appearance, they seem to float.

Double glazed units offer the ultimate combination. Space and light plus excellent acoustic performance. Perfect for music rooms or private meeting rooms.

Feature walls

Why not go for the Industrial look? Always striking, looks fantastic in bars and restaurants as well as offices and homes. Available as single of double-glazed units. Aluminium powder coated mullion bars create the industrial effect.

Curved glass partitioning for the ultimate elegant shape. Curved partitions create sweeping, elegant lines ideal for creating feature rooms. Use as a stand-alone room or as part of a larger wall for most impact.

Where budget is tighter but style still essential, try a faceted partition. Create curved, angular walls on a lower budget. Still a great finish in any room. Add colours or frosting for extra impact.

Fire rated glass meet strict building and fire regulations. The solutions we can offer start at 30 minutes integrity up to 120 minutes. Allowing time for visitors and staff to exit the building in safety. The fire rated glass has two performance classifications. Fire integrity and fire insulation. The glass is FIRAS certified.

Tying in glass partition walls with our bespoke joinery we can create you a space to stand out from the rest. Whether it’s a bar area with impact, and office space with specialist requirements or a home with the wow factor. Contact us to find out how we can create your special space.